Given the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, security is now of paramount importance. Furthermore, beyond the direct impact relating to a security breach, it is important to consider the new mandatory data breach requirements and the fact that ASIC has signalled that there will be increased scrutiny in relation to cyber resilience. Security is tightly integrated into the fabric of the Cloud Plus solution framework. This includes our award-winning Managed Firewall service, our Email Security service to assist with shielding clients against zero-day attacks and the inclusion of Trend Micro Deep Security for agentless anti-virus, which is an option within our Virtual Server and Virtual Datacentre services.



The foundation of Cloud Plus Managed Security Fabric is the award-winning FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) platform. Cloud Plus provisions virtual firewalls for clients built on clusters of 80Gbps ultra-low latency hardware appliances at the core of our network where they are able to cover the broadest attack surface. These are equipped with purpose-built security processors (SPU’s) such that they support a very rich feature-set at high data rates.

The second core element is the FortiMail Secure Email Gateway (SEG). Cloud Plus provisions client mail domains on FortiMail VM appliances, which reside on our best-in-class VMware-based hosting platform, offering a high level of performance, fault-tolerance and scalability. This enables us to block ransomware, phishing and other cyber threats trying to enter an organisation via email.

An optional but highly recommend service element is FortiAuthenticator coupled with FortiToken for two-factor security. Deployed with Active Directory Integration / Single-Sign-On (SSO) this provides strong authentication and enhanced management without any unnecessary complexity.

A tightly integrated solution based on these service elements, coupled with regular reporting via FortiAnalyzer and active monitoring by the Cloud Plus NOC, provides clients with industry-leading protection against both known and unknown / emerging threats.


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