At Cloud Plus we are 100% Committed to servicing the needs of our clients and have made this commitment part of our corporate DNA.  As it’s critical to our business we don’t outsource support to overseas locations to save money. It is provided by our own staff who are based locally in the ANZ region and each of them has signed on to being 100% Committed when joining the team.

We invest heavily in technology, IT systems and processes in order to provide the best possible experience for our clients and we’re committed to offering the most aggressive SLA’s in the industry to demonstrate the confidence we have in our platforms. But ultimately we’re conscious of the fact that this is not enough unless our staff are well equipped to do their role and 100% Committed to servicing the needs of our clients.

When we hire new staff we look for a number of key attributes above all else. They need to be smart, have good listening skills, big hearts, demonstrate a strong sense of urgency and a desire to continually improve their skills and experience. Given that we actively promote from within, our staff know that if they demonstrate these qualities there will be no shortage of opportunity for them within Cloud Plus as we expand and grow.