The key to being able to offer Private Cloud Solutions that are reliable, secure and perform in keeping with expectations is to underpin them with an enterprise grade private network solution. Unless the underlying network that carries cloud computing applications has been designed to support them they are unlikely to operate as intended. The Internet is typically not an appropriate medium for such requirements.

Cloud Plus operates its own next-generation MPLS network in both Australia and New Zealand and interconnects with a number of major carriers in each of these markets. This enables us to offer a wide range of access services including ADSL/ADSL2+, VDSL2, Ethernet over Copper, Wireless and Fibre technologies and even Dark Fibre to suit the needs of our clients.

Any of these access technologies can be used for access to a Cloud Plus Private IP Network Solution. And in turn, this can be seamlessly integrated to other Cloud Plus service elements such as Managed Firewall, Email Security and Virtual Server. The result is a highly integrated solution that includes the network, security and systems with a single point of contact. In turn this streamlines support and increases business agility.

To maximise the uptime of our solutions, every element of our network and systems has been designed to be fault tolerant, eliminating the risk of individual device failures. The Cloud Plus NOC actively monitors all key infrastructure and service elements and will take immediate action if any issues occur, typically well before they become apparent to clients.

For clients that are looking for additional protection and flexibility, due to the fact that Cloud Plus operates its own network we are able to provide value added services such as Cloud Plus Access Protection and Cloud Plus Access Bonding.

Cloud Plus Access Protection leverages two discrete access services, which are typically different technologies and from different carriers, with automatic failover in the event of an outage with the primary service. For instance, the primary service might be Ethernet over Fibre at 20Mb/s and the secondary service might be Ethernet over Wireless at 10Mb/s. Or for a smaller requirement it might be Ethernet over Copper at 10Mb/s with ADSL2+ as the secondary service. Such solutions can be tailored to suit the needs of any client, large or small.

For clients with sites in areas where network access options are limited and/or options such as fibre as cost prohibitive, Cloud Plus Access Bonding offers an elegant solution. Leveraging the capabilities of the Cloud Plus network and a Cisco router at the client site we are able to bond up to four services to provide additional capacity. For example a customer may only be able to get 4M/512K with ADSL2+ but by bonding four connections they will get 16M/2M. This is "per packet" load balancing (similar to multiplexing) and does not suffer the limitations or performance overheads that are common to competing offerings. It also offers a level of fault tolerance as if a given circuit fails this will simply decrease the available capacity until it is restored.