Most of our Private Cloud Solutions are delivered as what is known as ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ or IaaS. This means that we do the engineering, invest in the infrastructure, deploy it and maintain it such that our clients can get on with business quickly and effectively without any fuss. And as their business grows they know that there is capacity available to them on demand. A Private Cloud Solution from Cloud Plus is as close as it gets to owning your own private cloud infrastructure without the associated investment or operational challenges.

This type of offering has proven to be a natural and comfortable progression for our clients. They get access to a highly integrated Private Cloud Platform built on technology from leading vendors such as Cisco, Fortinet, IBM and EMC without the CAPEX costs whilst maintaining complete visibility and control at a software level. Cloud Plus is able to leverage its partnerships with VMware, Microsoft and RedHat to load up the necessary software, incorporating the licensing into the monthly service fees, then providing administrator level access to the client and/or their systems integrator. Cloud Plus also supports less commercial Linux distributions such as Centos, Fedora and Debian, which may be well suited to many requirements.

Of course, some clients are looking for a fully managed solution in which case Cloud Plus will provide recommendations from within its partner community. These are capable IT service organisations that have a proven track record and already work closely with Cloud Plus to deliver solutions for other clients. Cloud Plus will recommend partners that are a good fit for each client’s size, budget, requirements and industry segment in order to deliver the best possible result.

When buying a Private Cloud Solution from Cloud Plus clients can rest assured that it has been carefully designed to deliver the performance, scalability and security that they need. Each element of the solution has a high level of fault tolerance and is based on best-of-breed infrastructure and software from leading vendors. These elements lock together to form a tightly integrated solution that is supported end-to-end by Cloud Plus and backed by industry leading SLA’s.

Infrastructure as a Service