Cloud Plus is a leading provider of Private Cloud Solutions in Australia and New Zealand. We operate our own Next Generation MPLS Network and cloud services infrastructure and deliver highly integrated solutions for our clients and partners. All of our services are backed by our 100% Uptime Guarantee and 100% Committed Support.

Delivered as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), a Private Cloud Solution from Cloud Plus takes the cost and complexity out of cloud computing.  We enable our clients and partners to leverage the substantial benefits available with cloud computing without having to make a significant investment in infrastructure, technology and staffing whilst maintaining a high level of visibility and control.

Of course Cloud Plus recognises that the journey into the cloud tends to be progressive. As such, whilst all of our services have been carefully designed to seamlessly bolt together to form an overall solution, Cloud Plus is able to map out a step-wise approach to best meet the needs of the client and make the transition as pain free as possible.

Some clients start by migrating their network to Cloud Plus whilst others initially host a new application platform with us rather than investing in their own hardware. However over time our clients tend to consolidate their services with us due to the quality of our solutions, our 100% Committed Support and the efficiencies and agility they can achieve as a result.